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əkoostik hookah incorporates many genres of music into their own style, from folk to psychedelic rock, bluegrass to blues, extended jams to concise rock-n-roll, əkoostik hookah’s style includes many musical genres for a sound that in the end is distinctly “hookah”. With well over 100 original songs, and a large catalogue of cover songs to choose from, you will never hear the same show twice. The band is known for its live shows and its ability to feed off of the crowd’s energy, using it to fuel the improvised set lists that create unforgettable musical experiences.


The Schwag is a band of musicians dedicated to carrying on the vibe and music of the Grateful Dead. Founded in 1991, The Schwag has performed over 3000 concerts throughout the United States. This group averages 150 shows a year and has a working song list of over 200 songs from the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band catalog. For several years band leader Jimmy Tebeau also toured the country performing with Melvin Seals and The Jerry Garcia Band (JGB). The Schwag has opened for many notable acts including String Cheese Incident, Marshall Tucker Band, Leftover Salmon, Sammy Hagar, Little Feat, and Railroad Earth. For many years The Schwag hosted its own Schwagstock music festivals drawing crowds of an average of 5000 people per event several times per summer. The band owned the venue Camp Zoe in Missouri where the festivals were hosted. Some of the bands opening for The Schwag at these festivals were George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Keller Williams, Big Brother & the Holding Company, and New Riders of the Purple Sage. Some of the guest musicians to play with The Schwag over the years include Chuck Berry, Bill Nershi from String Cheese Incident, Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon, Butch Trucks from The Allman Brothers Band, Fred Tacket from Little Feat, Mike Gordon from Phish, and Vince Welnick from The Grateful Dead. Honorary band members for full Schwag shows include Merl Saunders, Melvin Seals, Johnnie Johnson, Jason & Travis & Kang from String Cheese Incident, and Devon Allman (Gregg’s son.) The Schwag band is now stronger than ever on a perpetual tour performing a different show every night of high energy organic interpretations of the Grateful Dead song.


Hyryder is a Grateful Dead Tribute Band formed in Indianapolis, Indiana in the summer of 2008 and currently consists of Charlie Morgan (lead guitar and vocals), Nick Neureiter (drums and vocals), Eric Thompson (rhythm guitar and vocals), Scott Jackson (keyboard world and vocals) and Blair Ping (bass and vocals). The band was born out of an intense love and appreciation for the music of the Grateful Dead and a desire to help carry on this rich musical tradition.

Hyryder strives musically to create an authentic Grateful Dead experience, paying close attention to detail. The band routinely performs “monster” 3 set shows, weaving in and out from one song to the next. While paying tribute to the original compositions, Hyryder indeed craft’s their own unique take on the music focusing on extended improvisational jamming. The band prides itself on its ever changing progressive jams and set lists that are unique to each particular show. Hyryder performs multiple night runs without ever repeating any material giving fans an intimately different experience each time they take the stage.


​​John Welton & The Awakening are powerful practitioners of musical medicine, sharing original music that is sure to touch your heart and keep you dancing.  Every song speaks directly to all within earshot. Cleverly written lyrics, humor, big harmonies, and a genuine connection to the crowd results in a performance that ALWAYS leaves an impact on any audience!

Lead singer and guitarist John Welton has been honing his craft of songwriting for 27 years across several different projects. As co-founder of Waterband, John met and began collaborating with keyboardist Ryan Mitiska. The journey continued with the arrival of trombonist Brad Kepperly, whose accomplishments include performing with world famous singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin. After rounding out the big vocal sound of the band with the sweet harmonies of Lyndsey Stropkey, they then gained the final missing pieces of the puzzle with Indiana guitar virtuoso and singer/songwriter Mikial Robertson, bassist/ multi-instrumentalist Jon-o Yowell known for his role in Magnum Opus, and highly regarded drummer Erik Diaz formerly of Hot Tuna. Together, JWATA is the culmination of a shared vision of healing through the power of Musical Medicine.  


Masters of Hippy Metal... Listen to us on Spotify:


Dustin Smith and the Daydreamers are a unique blend of Rock, Funk, Jam, Prog, and Reggae from Dayton, OH that delivers a high-energy performance of infectious music that is virtually guaranteed to create a meaningful experience and get people moving. They individually bring together eclectic styles of influences ranging from Pink Floyd, Neil Young, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, CAKE, Ween, Primus, Neil Pert (Rush), and Frank Zappa to create a new type of sound with distinctiveness, as well as familiarity.
Releasing their debut album 'Mind Blown' in June of 2016, they have toured in support of the release in the Midwest/South and performed with notable acts, including Papadosio, Dopapod, The Werks, Tropidelic, ekoostik hookah, and Mike Love. They have performed at many regional festivals, including The Werkout, Hookahville, Birds of a Feather, Pyro, Willy Town, Maydaze, and Big Fam as well as host their own music festival Ohio Dreamfest.
The band consists of Dustin Smith (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion), Ethan Miller (Guitar, Vocals), Taylor Long (Keyboards, Vocals, Mandolin), Eric Johnson (Chapman Stick, Bass), and Chris Brooks (Drums, Percussion).
They are currently working on their sophomore album entitled 'Breakthrough', which is the culmination of new material and growth, set to be released in early summer 2022. 


This band is fast becoming a Big Ohio name. Lead by a powerful vocalist on acoustic guitar, KrisB aka ( Chris Beckholt ) does not disappoint with the original songs pumped out of this band. A true Americana Newgrass mix. With Co-founder Skott Brown on fiddle and mandolin. James Hendrickson on standup bass adds strength to the backbone. And ripping it up on Banjo is Todd dean.


Stringus Khan is a fast growing bluegrass project stemming from years of collaboration between all members. Incorporating traditional bluegrass with original songwriting and high energy performances, Stringus Khan is quickly invading the bluegrass scene.

soup_logo_initials_square_black_and_white (1).jpg

Blue Moon Soup's ever changing recipe of sound is always full of surprises.

From the early 'Lonely Mountain' days playing adventurous bluegrass numbers, evolving through the Celtic-Folk-Jam-Grass phase, Blue Moon Soup then transitioned to 'Luna' tunes more the theatrical and dramatic with Luna.

Now in their fourth transformation, Soup has combined the traditional instruments and vocal complexity of bluegrass, the lyrical depth and spirituality of traditional folk music, and the far out rhythms and sounds of modern dance music, creating infectious grooves rooted in history designed to carry you out of this world.

Come join Blue Moon Soup for this special series of concerts, as they take the epic of the Riders to new heights!


Dupree’s Dead Band is a Northeast Ohio Grateful Dead tribute band


When times get tough, Land of Panda comes back harder. Beginning in 2017, the explosive 4 piece affectionately nick-named among fans “Akron’s Finest” made its way into the Northeast Ohio music scene. After releasing their self-titled debut album (2019) and three years of festivals, sold-out venue shows, and multiple music videos, Land of Panda is emerging as a top tier act in 2021. With fresh funky reggae-tinged music, a heavily booked summer tour, and a strong message, Land of Panda brings electrifying and explosive performances to every stage.

Big Blitz Austin TX 1.jpg

Innovative.  Talented.  Energetic.  These words are often used to describe the members of the inventive band, Big Blitz.  Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, this group was born from the musical genres of electronic dance, rock, and improvisation.  Inspired by the sounds of saxophone-and-percussion-based bands known to busk in the subway stations of New York City, Big Blitz’s members write and perform their own original tunes which contain a powerful, electrified, and hip sound.  Big Blitz is guaranteed to transform any of your preconceived notions of the music that can be created by a saxophone-and-drum trio. 


The Funk Factory has been funking up the Midwest since 2017 delivering their unique take on psychedelic rock, funk, reggae, blues, country, and more! They have made a name for themselves with strong female and male lead vocals, saucy keyboards, soaring guitar leads, and a groovy backbeat plus a ridiculously fun live energy! The band focuses on mostly original music and is constantly introducing new material. 2020 saw the band release 2 EPs and another will be on the way soon! The Funk Factory has shared the stage with Michael Franti and Spearhead, Marbin, The Werks, ekoostik hookah, Iya Terra, Indubious, Ballyhoo!, McStarKatz, Ed McGee, and more! Catch them funking up a stage near you! 


Eli and The Enigma combines three decades of musical experience manifesting in a sound that is not only unique to them but has also been described as feel-good music everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re an avid festival goer, attend live
performances, or relax to music in your own home, Eli and the Enigma has carved a niche in each. Beginning with guitar, cajon, two voices and live art, the group (founded in 2017), quickly made their way across the Ohio music scene. With all original music, Eli and The Enigma is proud to be part of and contribute to a family and culture of artists from Ohio and beyond. 


Known as a "one man digital drum circle", Justin "Cheech" Musgrave has been drumming his way around ohio and surrounding states for the last twenty years. Cheech is known for hosting drum circles and sitting in on percussion with numerous bands. In the last 7 years he has been building and molding the sound for Kreation Station with heavy tribal ryhthm, intriguing melodies, live percussion and energy!

Justin's dedication to bringing back the late night drum-circle vibe is energetically encapsulating. The energy he puts into the performance  

really show that for Justin of Kreation Station .....

rhythm is everywhere...

rhythm is life!


From the foothills of southeastern Ohio, Kadie Meadows is a self proclaimed "sad song Sally", excelling at singing and writing soulful songs that make us all feel something.


A breath of fresh air ,
MC from Dayton Ohio , CozmikSpirit brings you conscious hiphop. Creating cultural expression based on reality. Sound healing in a form of intelligent movement,
bringing you back to your roots !
Light codes intertwined with rhythm and flow, activating and uplifting .
A message with powerful intention and originality that keeps you wanting more ! 

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